I Unborn and Undying book cover 

Unborn and Undying

by Suzanne Visser

Kindle edition:
AUD$10 US$7.67

Print version: 

AUD$19.60 US$15


Welcome to For a Clear Mind Press, publishers of text and images.

For a Clear Mind Press publishes about spiritual enlightenment for the growing group of people worldwide who understand that enlightenment, or seeing, as we prefer to call it, can be obtained by anybody, without the help of gurus, monasteries, traditional spiritual paths, or disciplines such as sitting meditation.

For a Clear Mind Press believes that waking up to the reality that comes with seeing what/who we really are is important, enjoyable, and necessary for the well-being of individuals, communities, societies, and the planet.

For a Clear Mind Press believes that religions and spiritual groups that are headed by gurus are old-fashioned, and that better, more contemporary ways of awakening are readily available to each of us.
It publishes text and images that are a direct result of this philosophy.
It believes in clear, contemporary, de-mystifying language.
It avoids pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, and mysticism.
It avoids the visual kitsch that often comes with spiritual paths and New Age.

I, Unborn and Undying  by Suzanne Visser is a book written in this spirit.
For a Clear Mind Press also produces images. This part of the website is under construction.

For a Clear Mind Press donates 20% of it’s profits to initiatives that also promote guru-less, non-hierarchical seeing.
The beneficiary is: The Shollond Foundation; www.headless.org
The rest of the profits are used to further develop and spread the message of guru-less, non-hierarchical, self-owned awakening and seeing.

For a Clear Mind offers mindful conflict mediation, mindful counselling and mindfulness training. This part of the website is still under construction.